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CSW Day 1

March 3, 2013

For some reason this didn’t get posted when I wanted to. Using an iPad instead of a computer, so it has taken me some time to get adjusted to using it. I think I have it now, so here are some random observations and thoughts on that first day/em>

Today is the first official day of the CSW – the NGO parallel conference. This year’s CSW has 6000 people registered – the largest gathering at a CSW – the largest gathering for elimination of violence against women. So many women are here who are actively working to fight against human trafficking, forced marriage of children, rape, forced prostitution, you name it.

The gathering today was the NGO CSW Forum 2013 Program for Consultation Day – a full day of panels on different aspects of ending violence against women. The head of UN Women, Michelle Bachelet (former president of Chile) spoke and reiterated – women’s rights are human rights, the key point at Beijing in 1995. … Here are random ideas and thoughts from the day.

We can have no peace, no prosperity without full participation of women

Violence against women is a major obstacle to advancing sustainable development.

Inequality is the main challenge for this century.

(from Bineta Diop – Chair Femmes Africains Solidarite) We must also realize that people are not benefactors but partners in development Women do not start the wars but are in the middle of the receiving end of it.

Panel on Human Trafficking (HT): There are no signs of HT diminishing. Why? We are dealing with the consequences (and not all that well, my 2 cents), rather than the root causes.

$44.3 billion profits from forced labor – globally
$31.5 billion profits from trafficked victims


There is so much to learn here. It’s too much to write about just now and I have only an iPad so it is a little difficult to post.


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